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Press Release: Air New Zealand

28 November 2019



The following statement was made by Air New Zealand Chairman Dame Therese Walsh at today’s commemorations at Government House in Auckland:


“While words will never bring back those lost on Mt Erebus this day 40 years ago, I would like to express regret on behalf of Air New Zealand for the accident which took the lives of 257 passengers and crew.


I apologise on behalf of an airline which 40 years ago failed in its duty of care to its passengers and staff.


And I apologise again on behalf of the airline for the way in which the families of those lost on Mt Erebus were treated in the aftermath of the incident. Better care should have been taken of you.


As the Prime Minister has touched on the Air New Zealand of today is very a different airline, one which has learned many lessons from the Erebus tragedy and strives harder than ever to ensure that safety in all of our operations is paramount and non-negotiable.


On a high mountain, those who were loved were lost. Our memories of those who were lost can guide us.”



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