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We have compiled a complete resource of documents relating to the 1979 Erebus Tragedy. From newspaper articles to official reports, we have compiled the most comprehensive collection of documents and have made them available to the public.

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  The Erebus enquiry: a tragic miscarriage of justice C.H.N. L'Estrange Air Safety League of New Zealand 1995

The Erebus papers: edited extracts from the Erebus proceedings with commentary Stuart Macfarlane Avon Press 1991

Flight 901 to Erebus

Ken Hickson Whitcoulls 1980

Impact Erebus Gordon Vette & John Macdonald Hodder and Stoughton 1984

Verdict on Erebus Justice Peter T Mahon Collins 1985


  White out! M. Guy Martinborough 1980

Public Libraries

Report of the Royal Commission to Inquire into the Crash on Mount Erebus, Antarctica of a DC10 Aircraft Operated by Air New Zealand Limited

Justice P.T Mahon Government Printer 1981

Digital Copy

Office of Air Accidents Investigation, Report No 79-139 Mr Ronald Chippindale Government Printer 1980

Digital Copy

  Judgments of the Court of Appeal of New Zealand on Proceedings to Review Aspects of the Report of the Royal Commission of Inquiry Into the Mount Erebus Owen Woodhouse 2007


  Psychological sequelae of operation overdue following the DC10 aircrash in Antarctica A.J.W. Taylor, A.G. Frazer. Dept. of Psychology, Victoria University of Wellington 1981 Public Libraries


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