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Name:Ted Murphy
Comments:Well Done to everyone involved. As well as the need to tell and remember there is a valuable learning resource here too. As well as remembering what happened, the extraordinary amount of effort required, and the level of professional input by NZ ALPA to achieve justice are valuable lessons for all pilot asssociations - especially those from smaller associations working in smaller airlines.
Visit Date:24/06/2009
Name:Frank John
Location:ALPA Singapore
Comments:It is always tough to lose a friend or colleague in an air accident. Yet the pain never goes away until we are satisfied the he did not 'cause' the accident. We hope as with all air accidents that we learn from them, never to repeat them. May they rest in peace.
Visit Date:24/06/2009
Name:Hein Kuipers
Location:The Netherlands
Comments:The story of TE901 has been , and will be one of tragedy, perseverance and justice for those who lost their lives on Erebus. As said many times, this tragic disaster changed the way accidents are investigated. Pilots all over the world should realize what Erebus stands for. Thank you for making this possible.
Visit Date:24/06/2009
Name:Tim Thomas
Comments:I'm proud to have worked on this website, and have learnt so much about the Erebus tragedy in the process. What a great resource it is! Thanks to all who have contributed, and may this site educate many for years to come.
Visit Date:24/06/2009
Comments:My friend , the late Bill Willis , was an Air New Zealand Captain , he took me to the Waikumete Cemetary to view the Erebus Grave site . Your Website is wonderful ,much of it I read thru tears .
Visit Date:24/06/2009
Name:Robert Mason
Location:Wellington (at conference)
Comments:Congratulations to all at NZALPA. The Erebus accident marks a significant turning point in aviation and a terrible reminder of the real responsibility we all, as aviation professionals, carry on behalf of those that entrust their lives and loved ones to us. This accident was a personal tragedy for many throughout New Zealand and the pain was shared by friends and family the world around. Despite this aviation, and New Zealand, have emerged stronger. I had the absolute pleasure to be part of NZALPA's conference in 2008 at which some of the personal stories were shared (and recounted on this site). I had the honour of dining that night with Maria Collins, wife of Captain Jim Collins the skipper of TE901. An amazing woman in her own right she cannot praise NZALPA enough for the support shown to her family and those who lost loved ones in the accident. NZALPA's dedication to ensuring that the lessons learnt are not lost to the world whilst at the same time providing a lasting memorial for all is a testimonial to the strength and character of the association and the many staff, officials, members and families that make it up. The collaboration shown by industry, media, public and NZALPA in the development of this site show that we can work together and that community spirit is alive and well in New Zealand. The 257 on board TE901 live on through those of us who remember and the website launched today will do much to help future generations understand what happened and the importance of ensuring that history is not repeated. We here in Australia applaud your continuing efforts in championing the cause of safety improvements in the industry and I am certain they are echoed globally. Congratulations NZALPA. Robert Mason President, Civil Air The Australian ATC Association
Visit Date:24/06/2009
Name:Simon Giles
Comments:Congratulations on a fantastic site. Impressive launch too!
Visit Date:24/06/2009
Name:Stu Julian
Comments:To the Team- well done - this is a great legacy with all the facts, and news related to this tragic event in New Zealand's history. This is an event that struck to the core for all New Zealanders. The material on this site is now the premier focal point for research to education including the school eduction section. It is important that we acknowledge the pain and anguish for those that have lost loved one, friends and family. We will remember them. Again well done and I wish this program all the best.
Visit Date:24/06/2009
Name:Adrienne Collins
Comments:A fantastic resource for all NZers. Well done everyone involved.
Visit Date:24/06/2009
Name:Mark Rammell
Comments:Whar a great site, you have done so much work to present this site in the way you have. Good luck with it I am sure it will be a success
Visit Date:1/06/2009
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