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Location:Hong Kong
Comments:Very well done on the site. It is a fitting memory for those who sadly paid the ultimate price on that day. This accident was only the beginning of a long and searching investigation which took its toll on the health and careers of those who sought truth and Justice. Justice Mahon and those who assisted him should be remembered for their persistance and bravery in their quest. For those who have passed, rest in peace.
Visit Date:25/06/2009
Name:Ron Williams
Location:Bowral, NSW, Aus
Comments:A poignant, fitting and worthwhile memorial to those lost in this accident. Well done.
Visit Date:25/06/2009
Name:Niko van Schaik
Location:Amsterdam, Netherlands
Comments:A fitting memorial. The accident happened about the time a started my flying career. It's aftermath showed how vulnerable aircrew is when it comes to laying blame. But in that respect, in the end something good came from it. Nevertheless, even after all these years, there must be pain. One can't remember without being aware of that too. I hope this site will serve as one of the many initiatives that will make our world a wiser and happier place.
Visit Date:25/06/2009
Name:María del Mar Alguacil
Location:Madrid (Spain)
Comments:It's really sad accidents must hapen to learn from others errors. Thanks for sharing all this information with the rest of your aviation family.
Visit Date:25/06/2009
Name:Georg Fongern
Comments:We learn by this case, how important the engagement of Pilots Associations are - in exploring the true reasons of an accident, in rehabilitation of the involved crews and the implementation of the lessons learned. Congratulations to that excellent website !
Visit Date:25/06/2009
Name:CHATELAIN Jean-Louis
Location:Toulouse France
Comments:For me, it has been thirty years of admiration to the few men who dared to undertake what is now seen as a must: A systemic approach for an accident investigation. It was a true challenge to the existing establishment. What an achievement! Congratulations for this great idea to reactivate the collective memories and awareness of the stake of an accident investigation. Captain Jean-Louis CHATELAIN Accident Investigator
Visit Date:25/06/2009
Name:Gonzalo Fernández
Location:Mexico, City
Comments:Good luck with your site, i really liked all what i saw on it, good content, great information. Congratulations.
Visit Date:25/06/2009
Name:Michael Niemeyer
Location:Vancouver, Canada
Comments:As a member of the Dutch Airline Pilots Association I congratulate the members of NZALPA on this remarkable website. This terrible tragedy marked a turning point in accident investigation which the airline world is thankful for. I hope that we remember that only through openness and cooperation have we greatly improved airline safety over the years since. We should all resist current efforts by worldwide lawmaking agencies to assign blame rather than improve safety. Thanks again.
Visit Date:25/06/2009
Name:Aart Dil
Comments:Wonderful site. Tragic accident! This site is not only a fantastic resource for all NZ'ers, but also for all pilots flying today. The need for objective air accident investigations is clear!
Visit Date:25/06/2009
Name:René Hoogendoorn
Location:Werlte Germany
Comments:As a pilot for KLM from 1970-2003 this accident has always been in the back of my mind. Especially the courage of the wife of the Captain who flatly refused to accept it was only a pilots error. The result we all know. Don't point a finger at anyone. Always ask why and learn from it.
Visit Date:25/06/2009
Name:Jeff Mitchell, Airbus FO, United
Location:Washington, DC
Comments:Great website. I'll enjoy learning about the flight and the accident investigation. Thank you for making this web site available.
Visit Date:25/06/2009
Name:Chris Lawrence
Location:Australia/Hong Kong
Comments:This is a fantastic legacy to the tragedy that shook us all when it occured - only to be overtaken by the initial conclusions of the investigation. The change in investigative techniques and the depth of detail to which the subsequent Royal Commission committed itself has had long lasting and beneficial changes to accident investigations worldwide. As International Pilots, we have all benefitted from the change of attitude these professionals brought about. Whilst any accident is tragic, the consequences of this one has meant that these professionals have not died in vain. Our thoughts and prayers are still with you all and your families left behind. Congratulations to all at NZALPA - it is credit to you that you still remember your colleagues. Chris Lawrence
Visit Date:25/06/2009
Name:Carlos Limon
Location:Chertsey, UK
Comments:I want to congratulate NZ ALPA for their initiative to launch this site. The sacrifice of Crew and Passengers that lost their lives on Mt Erebus in 1979 will not be in vain, as long as the lessons learned from the TE 901 tragic accident are contributing to save lives up to date. We are enjoying safer operations thanks to this inconceivable sacrifice and the hard work and commitment of persons like Capt. Gordon Vette and Hon. Justice Peter Mahon. I was honored to met and present the Presidential citation to Capt. Gordon Vetter during the 2009 IFALPA Conference at Auckland. I recognize the NZ ALPA effort to keep alive the memory of those who perished that tragically day in Antarctica; because this reminiscence will keep us in mind every single day that we need to work harder to have a safer industry and we must ensure not having a similar accident ever again. It is an honor to have NZ ALPA as an IFALPA member. Sincerely Capt. Carlos Limon IFALPA President
Visit Date:24/06/2009
Name:Andy Skipp
Location:Manchester, UK
Comments:Good luck with the site. It is a resource and a reminder that flight safety is paramount. We should learn from every incident and aim to achieve the highest possible standards in aviation safety.
Visit Date:24/06/2009
Name:Patrick Magisson
Comments:This is a wonderful example on how a tragic piece of aeronautical history can be brought to a message of guidance to hope and dedication for future improvement in flight safety. Congratulation !
Visit Date:24/06/2009
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