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Name:Christine Edney
Location:Upper Hutt
Comments:A great website and well done to all concerned. As my sister was one of the passengers I have followed with interest over the years all that has been written. That day was a day in my life of loss and new beginnings. It was my sister's 40th birthday and the family lost one of its own but on the same day my son was born so every year we rejoice and grieve. I have spoken to severl people who were involved in the recovery and I hold them all with great respect. It was a hard task that they were asked to do with no real expericence in that line. This year it will be thirty years since the accident and to see a website dedicated is great and wonderfuol to know that this event will not be forgotten.
Visit Date:6/07/2009
Name:John Williams
Comments:I take great exception to the derogatory comments in this guest book posted by Maurice McGreal, FRAeS. (Note: this post was edited under the guestbook posting rules). As Philip Haslemore puts it - "Might I suggest though, that although the internet is a place of free expression perhaps you should remove posts that appoint blame to either side. Otherwise instead of having a tribute you may end up with a slinging match that may hurt some of those you produced this site for. There are a few other pilot forums that might be a more suitable place for their debate."
Visit Date:6/07/2009
Name:Andrew Oliva
Location:Kansas City, Missouri USA
Comments:Great site for information, have had an interest in this accident for years, due to having read Capt. Vette's book by chance back when I was in Junior High. Justice is served for the Crew of TE901 and I intend on paying my respects at the memorial at AKL on landing there for the first time next month.
Visit Date:5/07/2009
Name:Paul Schulpen
Comments:My thoughts go out to all who lost their lives back then. Thanks to all the work from many among us we live in a safer world now.
Visit Date:4/07/2009
Location:Canberra Australia
Comments:This is truly a magnificent web site. I sincerely hope we never have another disaster of this magnitude. My heart goes out to those who lost loved ones in such tragic circumstances.
Visit Date:4/07/2009
Name:Ruud Barrink
Location:The Netherlands
Comments:This website is justice to all who lost their lives on Erebus and a lesson learned for airaccident investigation excellent website
Visit Date:3/07/2009
Name:Grant Geddes
Location:Johannesburg South Africa
Comments:"Lest we Forget" - In memory of all those who perished on Air New Zealand TE 901. As an ex South African Air Force pilot, I was fortunate enough to fly two tours of duty in Antarctica, as a commander on Aerospatiale SA330J Puma helicopters during 1986 and 1987. As part of our pre-cruise training work up, we would view the Documentary on the Accident Investigation into the Erebus accident, and in particular the outstanding research brought to the table by Gordon Vette. As we now know, his tenacious efforts along with those of Justice Mahon, went on to exonerate the crew of the human factors elements initially ascribed as the primary and sole reasons for this tragic accident. It is extremely difficult to convey the powerful traps which await pilots operating in polar conditions, in particular those which relate to the mechanics of sight. I remain convinced, that one of the primary reasons for our good safety record in Antarctic Operations, was the fact that we were armed with the valuable information gleaned by Captain Gordon Vette, during his research into the Erebus accident. In memory of the Crew and Passengers of Flight TE 901. Grant Geddes, Senior First Officer Airbus A340, South African Airways.
Visit Date:3/07/2009
Comments:Congratulations to all concerned on getting this website up and running! I lost three friends on board flight TE901. At the time of the disaster I was climbing at Mt. Cook, having spent the previous evening in Christchurch with a friend who expressed being jealous of my spending a year at Scott Base in 1971-72. He said "I wish I could go there one day." Within the week he was - as part of the Cliff Rescue & recovery team. So I guess one must be careful of what one wishes for. Much later another member of the team told me he had personally recovered Capt. Collins' satchel at the site, and inside had seen the Atlas subsequently mentioned in various reports. He had handed it in to the Police. And like the contents of the ring binder (also recovered and mentioned on this web site) - the Atlas mysteriously disappeared! I hope this great web site helps - amongst other things - to promote the discovery of who, or what, happened to those documents. I believe it will remain a "splinter in the minds" of those responsible until the truth be told.
Visit Date:3/07/2009
Name:Philippa Lewis
Comments:A very comprehensive website which brought back to me so many memories of that fateful flight.The events of November 28 1979 are forever etched in my mind it being the day I lost a very beloved brother and neice Jon and Philippa Broad. I would be grateful if you would correct the spelling of both their names on the roll of honour.
Visit Date:1/07/2009
Name:Philip Haslemore
Comments:An impressive tribute to the lives lost on that lonely mountain. And a great place to come to for the many left behind without their fathers, mothers, daughters, sons or friends. Whoever came up with this plan is a very honorable person and for the many who would have assisted with the production of this site, congratulations. Might I suggest though, that although the internet is a place of free expression perhaps you should remove posts that appoint blame to either side. Otherwise instead of having a tribute you may end up with a slinging match that may hurt some of those you produced this site for. There are a few other pilot forums that might be a more suitable place for their debate.
Visit Date:1/07/2009
Name:A lurker
Comments:RIP to all those who died in this tragic accident. You will never be forgotten. May we all learn from this so that such a tragedy never happens again...
Visit Date:30/06/2009
Name:Maurice J Smalley
Location:Mt Maunganui NZ
Comments:It is sad but predictable that the only negative comments should come from the ICAO, a part of the UN (United Nations), the most corrupt entity on earth. My wife was employed as ANZ cabin crew at the time of this disaster and was positioned in Christchurch to crew the flight back to Auckland,overwhelming sadness and concern for the passengers and crew lost has never left us. Well done on an excellent website, the truth of this accident needed to be recorded for generations to come. Thankyou to all involved.
Visit Date:30/06/2009
Location:Bogotá, Colombia
Comments:Congratulatios! This is a big effort to bring safety investigation to the what and why and not simply the who. Pilot error is "the spears end" of the organizational accident. Keep it up!
Visit Date:29/06/2009
Location:HamiLtrOn, The City Of The Future !
Comments:this was a great site.. luv yaas xoxox
Visit Date:29/06/2009
Name:Brian O'Dea
Comments:Congratulations to all concerned with the presentation of this memorial. The content is an on-going reminder to all that the correct attitude to, and application of, their role in safely operating an aircraft is constantly required. Justice Mahon's role, with the wonderful help of many others, in pursueing the broad causes involved in this accident facilitated the worldwide growth of knowledge and understanding of aircraft accidents. Vale to all of the victims.
Visit Date:29/06/2009
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