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Name:Ian Hambly
Comments:On 28 November 1979 I was a steward with Air NZ. I knew all the crew on TE901. I was appointed to coordinate the activities associated with the families of the cabin crew on board and subsequently spent 6 weeks in the Auckland Mortuary looking for the crew amongst the remains recovered from the crash site. With the agreement of the families involved, I performed the formal identifications where that was possible (9 out of 15). My most harrowing task was to return property recovered from the crash site and the mortuary to the families. I guess I remain affected by my experiences. I also attended the Auckland sittings of the Royal Commission of Enquiry. I can confirm that Justice Peter Mahon was presented with an 'orchestrated litany of lies'. I was a witness to it. When Mahon reported that he had to listen to evidence that was 'palpably false', he did. It was obvious to everyone present. Gordon Vette's evidence was instrumental in giving Mahon a full understanding of Air NZ's Antarctic operations and enabling him to correctly identify the factors that led to the accident. The Chief Investigator's report was exposed as rudimentary and superficial and his conclusions not only wrong but worse, predetermined. A terrible miscarriage of justice was prevented. Both Gordon Vette and Peter Mahon were men of integrity and that integrity led them to confront evil at great personal cost. Thirty years on we are in their debt and will remain so.
Visit Date:16/10/2009
Name:Simon Carr-Smith
Comments:Thanks for your efforts to keep the memories alive. My wife Elizabeth, of only a few days died in the crash. It lives on me every day still - not as the pain of loss, but as a special gift that expanded over the years to be able to guide others through loss and pain - to enrichen their lives to come. I pray that others have received that same gift.
Visit Date:16/10/2009
Name:Don Wood
Comments:I think that this is a great resource for us all. We lost our parents and two close family friends. My loss was their wisdom and companionship for our family but in particlar my children who were 7, 5 & 3 in 1979. The news over the last few days from Air New Zealand is that they may at long last be getting some things right right. Our family was like every other who lost some one on that flight. We were presented with some flowers by an air hostess soon after that day. Since that day we have had nothing. Every 10 years it is like repoening an old wound as all the emotion floods back of those dark days. Apportioning blame now is irrevelant to me. Like most things in life it is never black or white but always a shade of grey. I have put my name inot the ballot to go down there as I would love to see the place where it happened. Finally I still have my fathers watch which has stopped forever at the moment of impact. For years it smelt strongly of aviation fuel but now that too has gone.
Visit Date:15/10/2009
Name:Chris Clark
Comments:I lost my Grandfather in this tragedy, and ever since I was a young boy I have been fascinated with this disaster, I now go around schools talking to kids about my families experience's with this disaster. Thank you so much for creating such a wonderful website and continuing to remember our loved ones that we lost. Thank you.
Visit Date:30/09/2009
Name:C. Berner
Location:Frankfurt, Germany
Comments:Impressive Website, thanks for working out this different point of view about aircraft accident analysis and this tragedy in particular.
Visit Date:4/09/2009
Location:Brisbane Australia
Comments:I had been working for Air New Zealand just 3 years when this tragedy happened (I would stay another 25) and at the time I was the early morning shift supervisor in one of the airline's reservations offices. It was with shock & saddness I saw at 6am the following morning the pasenger manifest on my desk of all those lives that had just been lost. It had been my privilege also to fly with Cptn Jim Collins on the flight deck of the DC10 just a few months before on a company sponsored trip to/from Australia for 4 staff from Christchurch. I have just finished reading Peter Mahon's book "Verdict on Erebus" which tells so clearly the tragedy on that day and the aftermath. But it a day, we who worked in the airline at that time will never forget. As we come to the 30th anniversary my heart goes out to all the people who lost their lives & their families, that day.
Visit Date:19/08/2009
Name:Peter Yearbury,N.Z.S.S.M.(Erebus)
Comments:I was one of the team of Embalmers who helped.(then aged 27 years) Although a very difficult and unpleasant task, it was an honour and priviledge to have been able to help in New Zealand's worst disaster with the loss of 256 lives.
Visit Date:16/08/2009
Name:Max Körte, Capt. /Checkairman ret.
Comments:All the years after that tragic desaster we pilots were eager to get as much information on the why's . Thanks to your outstanding work and enthusiasm now we have a comprehensive and clear picture what happened. My fellow managment pilots have learned the lesson. This website will serve as a benchmark tool to educate all responsible people. With sincere greetings!
Visit Date:30/07/2009
Name:Klaus Sievers
Comments:My compliments on the website and my condolences to the Crew and Passengers of the flight. Klaus Sievers
Visit Date:28/07/2009
Name:Nicholas Sickelmore
Location:Te Awamutu
Comments:I first heard about the crash when I was at school in England. At the time I was 8 years old and didn't know or understand why my family where so upset when I was at home. It was a very sad day as we had lost my uncle Dave Sickelmore (Cabin Crew). We visited New Zealand in November 1979 for the funeral, etc. This is when my parents fell in love with New Zealand and could totally understand why my uncle left England to move here. We moved here in 1986 and have called it home ever since. I think that this website is a wonderful to celebrate those inviduals that lost theirs lives in this tragic event. I hope that family, friends and loved ones keep writing their thoughts on this page. I often think of uncle Dave and how he is getting on. When time gets on and wounds are healed, I hope that the truth about this awful event will be told.
Visit Date:21/07/2009
Location:Auckland - New Zealand
Comments:Congratulations on this informative website, I have never heard of this tragedy before, and have never thought about aviation accident rate in NZ, now you got me thinking!
Visit Date:18/07/2009
Comments:An expat kiwi, I was born a month to the day after the Erebus disaster, and have grown up with stories of it all my life. I just want to say how much I admire the Collins family for the tragedy they have weathered, and that my thoughts are with the friends and families of all the victims. Congratulations on a first class website and a wonderful educational resource. Lest we forget.
Visit Date:17/07/2009
Comments:This is a truly remarkable web-site and I'm so glad there is finally a place where people can come to learn about this terrible disaster. May those who died never be forgotten.
Visit Date:12/07/2009
Name:Ross Crawford
Comments:The over-arching purpose of Air Safety Investigation is that lessons may be learned for the benefit and safety of all. Mr Chippendale's probable cause: "the decision of the Captain to continue the flight at low level toward .... poor surface and horizon definition .... and the subsequent inability to detect the rising terrain which intercepted the aircraft's flight path." is ultimately correct, but insufficient. Justice Mahon sought to answer the question even a four year old might ask: "Why?". In his comprehensive "systems" approach (Now the norm) to this inquiry, Mahon (and independently, Justice Mohansky in Canada) was ahead of his time. Congratulations to those responsible for this excellent website.
Visit Date:9/07/2009
Comments:I was 9 years old when I saw the pictures of the crash and was really touched by the story. My heart goes out to the families of all those who lost their lives in this horrific accident. The site is very useful in providing information about the accident.
Visit Date:8/07/2009
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