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Name:Noeleena. Loch-head
Location:Waimate south isl New Zealand.
Comments:Hi . As i'v just found this site i think its just great & thanks for those who have taken the time to bring it together, I was with the D S I R ,in 1980 - 81 & spent the summer over working there so know first hand what it's like , while there i met Mr Mahon & those who came down with him concerning the crash, I allso have lost work mates as well on the ice, Including one member of the air crew i knew. so no matter how you look at it it has effected most N Z people in one way or the other, Thank you for the oppotunity to write on the questbook .
Visit Date:15/08/2011
Location:Palmerston North
Comments:What a tragic accident, this website is a great resource for all of us. Beautiful created website. I am currently in University writing a paper on this tragic accident. When I read over the events its very chilling. May all of those rest in peace xo
Visit Date:19/03/2011
Name:paul richards
Location:Abu dhabi UAE
Comments:As a safety manager in aviation I fully understand the feelings of all involved in the rescue and investigation, this is a very good website as relatives and friends will never forget
Visit Date:8/02/2011
Name:Clare Williams
Location:North Shore Auckland
Comments:A wonderful remembrance to those unfortunate of us who perished on that fateful day. A great website.
Visit Date:13/12/2010
Comments:This website is a very insightful and informative site. Although the event was tragic and devastating this website is amazing. You can definitely tell that someone has a very close connection and is able to spread their message far. I am currently working on a school project on this topic and I have created a very lengthy essay using only info on this site. May those lost rest in peace.
Visit Date:5/09/2010
Name:Saleem Asad. A.L
Location:Tamil Nadu, India.
Comments:I just happened to find the tragic event when I was just surfing the Web. I have no words to say or to comfort the ones who have lost their loved ones. May God give the Kith and the Kin, all the courage and strength to miss their loved ones, although it has been years of the event. Thanks to this web site in giving us an opportunity to know all about this tragic event. May all those souls rest in peace.
Visit Date:25/08/2010
Name:Thom Laycraft
Comments:I was exploring the Antarctica on Google Earth when I came upon Mt.Erebus and a Youtube clip about the crash. Subsequent inquiry led me to this excellent website wherein I spent the rest of the night absorbing it's content. Condolences to so many surviving victims and congratulations to the hard workers who toiled to find the truth and teach the lessons of the tragedy.
Visit Date:4/05/2010
Name:Alan Henley
Comments:Congratulations to all involved in the production of this impressive site. I was Air New Zealand International Cabin Crew Manager at the time of the tragedy and shared the duty, with the late Don McKay(Deputy Cabin Services Manager), of making the initial personal visit to the bereaved families of the Cabin Crew Members. I knew all the crew personally and the devastated faces of their families as they struggled to grasp the magnitude of what had happened will always remain with me. We had little information to give them and at that time, only hours after the sighting of the wreckage, no idea if there was any possibility of recovering the bodies of their loved ones. The subsequent efforts of the recovery team later gave most of the families some kind of closure. The continual debate over the investigation is unfortunate but, while questions remain unanswered, let us all continue to honour relatives, friends and colleagues who lost there lives on this awful day. May they rest in peace.
Visit Date:9/12/2009
Name:Bruce Berryman
Comments:Thank you for this very informative Web site. I remembered the 30th anniversary of the Erebus disaster last Saturday November 28, 2009. I take my hat off to the two most prominent people in the investigation of the aftermath, namely Justice Peter Mahon and Gordon Vette, who both got to the bottom of the truth. At the end of the day, all that these two men, among others, tried to do was find out what really happened and what caused this tragic accident that killed 257 people. Justice Mahon and Gordon Vette both deserve to be forever remembered for their unfailing devotion to finding out the truth. Mr. Vette's receiving of an Honorary Doctorate of Engineering from the University of Glasgow was highly deserved. Now I believe he deserves to receive a knighthood as further recognition of his tireless work to make the world a safer place to travel in. (He should have been knighted a long time ago, in my opinion) I will say nothing of Air New Zealand, except to say that I hope they never ever behave like that again. Say no more!
Visit Date:5/12/2009
Name:A Edkins
Location:New Zealand
Comments:I am writing this exactly 30 years from when I heard the news that TE901 was lost. My father Charles Edkins was an Air New Zealand aircraft engineer at the time of the accident. Dad didn't mention anything when he got home from work on 28 Nov 1979, however late in the evening when the news came through that the aircraft was presumed lost he told us of the mounting concerns that had arisen throughout the afternoon at work. He knew many of those onboard. The Air New Zealand that I had grown up with changed forever.
Visit Date:28/11/2009
Comments:The night before this crash, I had dinner with Air New Zealand's PR guy, a Mr Berry, at Wellington's St George Hotel. We talked at length about ANZ's excellent safety record. I worked as a journalist on The Dominion. I well remember events as they unfolded the next day. Morrie Davis, then ANZ's CEO was hosting the annual ANZ golf match at Trentham outside of Wellington. When he quietly left the course, half way through play, hardly anybody noticed - noboldy else was then told the DC 10 was in radio silence and fears were mounting. About 7 pm that night we on the newspaper were told by a Wellington fire bridage contact in ops that the DC 10 was missing and, by then, nearly out of fuel. That was the very first we knew on the newspaper of the unfolding disaster. By 11 pm that night I was in a ham radio shack on top of a hill in Brooklyn, Wellington listening in on live communiocations between USAF C130 Hercules aircraft and helicopters down in Antarctia searching for the DC 10. Freakish weather conditions that night allowed our ham radio man to pick up the USAF radio traffic.But they weren't finding anything and we told our office on the phone it looked like the newspaper presses would d have to start rolling with no outcome in the search. Then the radio came suddenly to life with an American pilot, his voice cracking with emotion: I still member his extact words : " We have the DC10, we have the DC 10. It is on the backside of Erebus. There appear to be no survivors, repeat no survivors." I think we knew the outcome just ahead of Air New Zealand. This was related in the first book about Erebus but had to be taken out before sales started, The ham radio operator feared for his licence. But those words from the C130 pilot have longed stayed with me. Chilling.
Visit Date:27/11/2009
Name:William Fairbairn
Comments:I am a Composer Musician Entertainer and have been composing music since age 4 At 10 years of age my Dad explained to me how Grandad had taken the Erebus trip, and the trip which crashed was the one my Dad was to go on but due to work comitments that came up he was unable to go. I composed Tribute To Mount Erebus at age 10, I visulise it as I play it, it is a very emotional piece it was also a UK Semi finalist, to hear the song go to my web site and click on past compositions and video clips I am now age 12 but feel very conected to this accident through my music.
Visit Date:26/11/2009
Name:Mckayla Marlene Hansen
Location:Blenheim, New Zealand
Comments:I Am A Grandaughter Of Marlene Anne Hansen, I Have Recently Been Talking With My Cousin Bradley O'Rouke About The Crash. That Made Me Want To Search It Up, Then I Came Across This Site, It's So Sad, I Never Got To Meet Her, But From What Ive Been Told She Was A Wonderful Woman Who Always Put Other's Before Herself, Was always There For Everyone Who Needed A Friend. She Is Very Very Dearly Missed and Will Always Be In All Of Our Hearts, Altough I Never Got To Meet Her, I Love Her And Will Always Love Her, Rest In Paradise Nana Love You Always And Forever xoxo Missing You Everyday xoxo
Visit Date:21/10/2009
Name:Peter Rhodes
Location:Wanaka OTAGO
Comments:Well done NZALPA. The lessons from this tragedy are there for everybody, from Government, NZCAA, to the individual participant in the aviation industry. Our greatest tribute to those who died on Erebus is to ensure those lessons are applied to prevent such a tragedy again.
Visit Date:18/10/2009
Name:Carmen Mackenzie
Location:Waitakere City, Auckland, New Zealand
Comments:I am glad there is somewhere where my children can come to access information regarding this tragic event in NZ History and also a tragic event for our family. I remeber the day very well even though I was only 8 years old when we lost our both of our grandparents, my family were quiet and shocked. There was no real sense of closure for the family as there were no seperate family funerals for us to attend. It is still hard 30 years on and I feel will always be a sad time for those who lost love ones that day.
Visit Date:16/10/2009
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