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Name:Ray Goldring
Location:West Sussex
Comments:Hi Share the same name. unbelievable experience
Visit Date:13/11/2012
Name:Tom Robertson
Location:Brisbane, Australia
Comments:Coming from an old NAC / ANZ family we still remember the hurt NZ took as a result of this disaster and more of the hurt caused by ANZ by playing the Pilot Error card as my Father and Brother were airline employees and personally knew some of the Flight Crew and were horrified by that accusation .
Visit Date:23/10/2012
Name:Fernando Peña
Location:Montevideo, Uruguay
Comments:Cuando sucedió el accidente yo era un chico de 13 años, pero recuerdo perfectamente lo sucedido y siempre pensé que fue una lamentable tragedia que jamás debió suceder. Mis más sinceros respetos a las familias de las personas fallecidas en este desastre.
Visit Date:23/10/2012
Name:Tom Robertson
Comments:What a great website , as both my Father and Brother had long employment with NAC - ANZ , aviation flows in our blood . Remembering the Pilot error storyline ANZ pushed until Gordon Vette and Justice Mahon cleared up that misconception still makes me cringe . I still have all the newspaper clippings in a scrapbook to this day .
Visit Date:25/09/2012
Name:Kathryn Carter
Comments:Forever we will remember the unnecessary sacrifice of the lives of the Captain, Co- pilot , Flight Deck Crew and Commentator Peter Mulgrew as well as Cabin Crew and passengers of Flight 901. We remember the trauma of the experiences of the rescue teams sent to evaluate and recover the dead, and all those affected by this tragedy in many ways too hard to describe. It is difficult to accept the losses, and harder to learn the lessons . The only common ground we can accept from the learning is the understanding of the kindness of human beings in times of loss , the intelligence of clear analysis after the event , the generosity of spirit from strangers , and the understanding that worldwide aviation gained great safety knowledge from the circumstances that occured outside the pilots ' frame of reference when flying to the Antarctic on 28 Nov 1979. We will always miss our beloved Jim daddy , a great and fun loving Dad , teacher ,companion , friend , a loving father who loved to fly and taught his daughters to love life, Captain Collins died aged 45 , 28 Nov 1979, forever missed , and in our hearts always. Kathryn Carter (Collins)
Visit Date:3/09/2012
Name:K Stevenson
Comments:My sister sat on the end of my bed crying as I woke up 29 Nov 79, I was 5yrs old, she was 15yrs and I said "whats wrong"? She explained that dads not coming home, his plane had crashed. I ran out to the lounge where alot of family members and friends had gathered and someone there gave me a penguin teddy bear. I dont remember much more than that. A day or two before we said goodbye to dad (Antony James Lennard Stevenson) at Blenheim airport, and mum recalls that he hugged me goodbye as if he wasent going to see me again, she said, "come on your going to miss your flight" and I said, "bring me back a penguin". I still have that penguin. My family has never blamed anyone for the crash and I can remember mum saying how hard the pilots familys had been treated after the accident. Another family from Picton lost there mother and again mum would say that they had it alot harder than us. We were lucky to get dad back from the ice and he is buried in the Picton cementry and for that we are grateful for the people who undertook the hard and dangerous work during the recovery operation.
Visit Date:28/04/2012
Name:Mark Webster
Location:Kansas City, MO USA
Comments:I remember this event like it just happened. I was stationed at McMurdo Station Antarctica for the US Navy and I was in charge of the flight galley building lunches for the flights departing Antarctica. I was there from Oct 1979 to Oct 80. I remember how McMurdo was used as a staging area for some of the operations and in influx of people from around the world. Nearly everyone went into a type of mourning for the people on board the flight. There was a lot to be done, but it was such an incredible tragedy. I remember responding to an article in the Christchurch New Zealand paper and the editor printed my letter regarding the flight. People from around the world were doing whatever they could.
Visit Date:25/04/2012
Comments:I'm doing a school project on the Erebus crash and it's rather difficult to read, see and hear about the event. I cannot even begin to imagine how hard it must have been for the family and friends of those who are lost. Wonderful site, I especially like the page where there are tributes to those who were killed in the tragedy. May they rest in peace.
Visit Date:15/03/2012
Name:Brett Easton
Location:Ocean shores New south wales
Comments:I remember that night like it was yesterday watching TV A news flash, Break news. Air New Zealand DC10 missing, presumed lost. I couldn't believe my eyes ,I thought too myself this can't be true. It was a very sad day for all of us and will never forget. Congratulations to those that were dedicated to putting this fine website together
Visit Date:7/03/2012
Location:Vancouver,B.C. Canada
Comments:I remember the day this happened very well. What a truly horrible accident. Over 32 years have passed since TE 901 was lost on the ice. For family and friends who felt terrible loss that day,I find as time passes,it never hurts less,it hurts less often. You cry once a week instead of daily. Rest in peace for those who left us to early on ZK-NZP.
Visit Date:4/03/2012
Name:Geoff Dell
Location:Rockhampton, Queensland
Comments:I'd like to congratulate the New Zealand Air Line Pilots Association for developing and maintaining this website and for keeping the memory of TE901 alive. A close mate and former colleague of mine, the late George Oldfield, Air New Zealand's Head of Safety at the time of the accident and who lead the in-house investigation, used to remind us all the time...."if you don't learn from accidents you are destined to repeat them". In truth, I guess, George wasn't the first aviation safety stalwart to say that, but he sure did believe in it and reinforced it all the time. The cost of accidents to modern society remains a huge burden, but pales into insignificant to the cost and burden carried by those who lose loved ones needlessly in accidents every day. In this regard, TE901 is a clear case in point, I'm sure 30 years on their loss is as strongly felt by many as the day the accident occurred. This week I am launching a new suite of tertiary accident investigation programs at Central Queensland University including a Masters Degree in Accident Investigation (Aviation) and I'll be ensuring this website becomes a must read for the students. There were many lessons from TE901 which are still very pertinent today. A younger generation of aviation professionals have taken over the mantle and the industry is arguably under more pressure than ever before. So it behooves those in command today, both in the air and on the ground, to reflect on TE901, the sacrifices made by all involved, and the importance of learning the lessons. Again, congratulations to NZALPA and those people responsible for maintaining this valuable website. Cheers.......Geoff Associate Professor Geoff Dell Central Queensland University Rockhampton
Visit Date:23/02/2012
Name:Peter Shackleton
Location:Raunds, England
Comments:Having seen the recent sinking of an Italian passenger liner on the news, that was apparently on a pre programmed course, and with the cruise company quickly blaming human error, it is a moment to reflect on the Erebus disaster and the determined effort of Justice Peter Mahon. I was in Timaru when the accident happened, but it only seems like yesterday.
Visit Date:17/01/2012
Location:Born N.Z. residing in U.S.A.
Comments:Remebering my Mum and Dad who lost their lives on Filght 901 32 years ago... R.I.P.
Visit Date:29/11/2011
Name:Graham Sutherland
Comments:My father,Roy Sutherland,was Air New Zealand Security Manager at Auckland airport at the time of Erebus disaster. He along with other security staff were excluded from receiving the medal. They,as representitives of the airline,stood in the Auckland Mortuary day after day and observed N.Z Police sort through the victims body parts for victim identification purposes. Thankfully,Dad finally received the medal just before he past away in 2010 only because of the persuverance of a friend who was an ex N.Z policeman and participated in the body recovery effort. We will never forget EREBUS!
Visit Date:30/10/2011
Name:Hannah MacDonald
Comments:I'm doing a essay on this Disaster, i'm finding it really hard to look at pictures and read stories about what happened on the day, i'm really sorry to the families out there that lost a loved one.
Visit Date:25/08/2011
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